// Mattias “Famous” Ramos.  

Los Angeles based film/theatre actor and magician.


We don’t know why he calls himself Famous because nobody really knows who he is. He probably wasn't about the hard work and went straight to Famous.

Mattias has reached a point in the art of sleight of hand that makes him among the best in the world. Probably because he was pretty ugly growing up and didn't have any girlfriends.  Lots of free time.


This, however, has lead Mattias to become a part of the World Famous Magic Castle and has contributed to his most recent win on SyFy's new reality magic competition series Wizard Wars.

Mattias' eccentrics has also gotten him parts in several 
film projects and national commercials for Chrysler, Coca Cola, Modelo, Dodge and more. 

Well known people like Angelina Jolie, Martin Scorsese, Richard Branson... 
none of these people have seen Famous perform but maybe 
you will.